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For purchases at Signproduction is present conditions prevail. specializes in the sale of parts and accessories for electronics products. is owned by Datamarked ApS Limited.

Our products meets European standards and norms for durability. Our quality standards are part of our promise to you that we provide good reliable products. We give priority to service to our customers at the highest level, both before and after purchase, to ensure that our customers to shop with confidence with us in the future.

Terms of Payment
For payment in our shop, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, bank transfer, billing for the public. The invoice will be sent by Mail.

Description of payment types:
1. Payment
Visa, MasterCard, Maestro is used during the ordering process
2. Bank Transfer
Order the product (s) and insert amount to the following account.
Reg. no.: 8117
Account no. 2898076
IBAN Account No.: DK0581170002898076
It may take 1-2 business days to receive your payment. Type the name of confirmation of the transfer.
3. Public customer
Public establishments can always use e-invoicing by specifying their unique number during the order process. After which the copy of the invoice will be sent to scanning as well as for you.
4. Safe online payments
When you order goods and pay via credit card, payment will be processed by PBS International and Payex (our trustworthy partners). All transfers between us and PBS International / Payex is encrypted and is achieved using the most secure technology. Once you approve the order, the amount will be booked to your account and deducted only when sending the goods.
We do NOT sell your personal information to others.

The postal service handles all shipments unless otherwise agreed in advance. The package will arrive at the delivery address within 5-6 business days or be delivered to the nearest post office if no one is home, which will be given a receipt in your mailbox. Unless if you have made a special agreement with Post the postal service so the package will be placed on the agreed place at your own risk.
Signproduction offers a warranty of 2 years. This means that you have the right to complain about the product for two years from the delivery date. You can normally only complain about defects that have been present at time of delivery.
In the first six months applies to the so-called presumption rule, which says that the deficiencies which proves the first six months, supposed to have been there at the time of purchase. We will repair or replace the product within the first six months.
In the following 18 months, the purchaser must prove that the defect existed at the time of purchase. If the buyer can prove this, then Signproduction repair or replace the product.
This warranty is voided by misuse, wear and tear, unauthorized repair or lack of maintenance.
Complaints relating to packet errors and deficiencies in the supply of goods must be notified within 2 months of the time the error was or should have been detected.
We reserve the right to correct errors and defects in the delivered product or exchangeable for an equivalent product. There will be no compensation. Signproduction accepts no liability for any delay caused by the remedy or replacement.

Attention! Batteries are consumable and should be used according to our guidance, it is therefore we provide a 6 months warranty against wear/corrosion.

Remember that electronics are sensitive
Electronic devices are very sensitive to moisture, extreme heat, impact and wrong voltage. Not all electronic appliances that's good to be in a very hot or very cold and damp car. When a cold appliance is taken in the heat, condensation will be formed, which can cause moisture damage. 

Protect from smoke, dust and dirt
An error can occur when an electronic device is exposed to house dust, animal dander, tobacco smoke, cooking smells, or soot from candles. Therefore, think about how you use and store your gear. Some, but not all devices can be cleaned.

If there is an intermittent fault (it is an error that is not there all the time), sometimes it is not certain that our workshop can find it. In these cases, it is extra important that you thoroughly describe the error and what or when such situations occurs. Before contacting us, it may be a good idea to check that the device is properly connected.

Examination Fee
If it is clear that you are to blame for the error, or it turns out that there are no errors, we may charge a reasonable fee to check the goods. However, it is a prerequisite that you have personally been informed of the charge and its size by submission.

Wrong item received:
May be due to three things:
1 Ordering mistake of wrong item which does not fit your model. This is typically done by the customer and therefore it is the customer's responsibility to return the item safely, either by delivering it directly from our warehouse, or send it to us as package tracking. If the goods sent by post, there is no tracking and if the message disappears, there is no compensation from Postal service.
2 Ordering errors of correct item that does not fit your model. This error is typically caused by registry errors in our database. Therefore, you can either deliver it directly to our store, or send it to us as a package with tracking when you receive the return package label (remember to ask for this). If the goods sent by post, there is no tracking and if the message disappears, there is no compensation from Postal service.
3 Pack Fault in our warehouse. Check whether the item number of the product agrees to the slip. Do not remove it, please contact us for the return package label. 

Damaged package
It is the customer's responsibility to sign the package damaged upon arrival within 24 hours from the transport company. If the package is not reported damaged within 24 hours after arrival, then it is the receiver responsibility to claim for replacement from the transport company.

Package not received
If your package has not arrived, you can contact us for checking for it.

Handling of defective goods
To handle defective items urgently please fill out an RMA case on our Web Store.
If you are unsure whether the product is defective or the other, then they can contact us by mail: with a description of the situation then we will decide what to do and will return as soon as possible by mail.

Price Guarantee
Signproduction provides a 14-day price match guarantee on all items if you discover the same product elsewhere at a lower price bought with the same terms and conditions without substantial positive deviations from ours. We replace the difference in the form of an electronic gift card and a bonus of 50kr.
You can contact us at, subject marked: Price Guaranteed.

Returns / Refunds
Signproduction offers value and function at low prices, and we want our customers to be satisfied customers. However, if the product is contrary to expectations, and does not work, we will exchange it for new or reconditioned - no discussion. There is money-back guarantee on standard items for 14 days from the receipt date of the private, this does not apply to businesses.
By using the right of withdrawal for credit within 14 days of the product must be returned in original packaging. Lack of original packaging leads often to a deterioration of the selling price, so you have to expect a credit of correspondingly smaller amount equivalent to depreciation.
We will return the money within 30 days in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act Section 21 paragraph. 3 and 4.
When you discover that the product is defective, please use the form on the RMA, if you write to us. Thus we get exactly the information we need to serve you.
When returning, you have permission to open the package and see the product, except for the Software and other sealed products. Item must be returned in the same quantity and condition as it was received. If the product does not live up to this, it will be rejected. If the product (s) meets the above requirements, the amount transferred for goods electronically within 30 days.
Have Signproduction delivered a wrong item, please return by completing the RMA form for us to handle the matter as soon as possible. As soon as we have executed the case, we will send the right item.
If you have ordered the wrong item, you can of course return this product and order a new product. You pay here even to return the item.
Goods returned after 2 years claims or sent without postage is denied received.

Delivery and sale of digital products - After delivery of product key / license key, the purchase can no longer be undone, as it can no longer be returned. does not grant a right of withdrawal on software licenses as the registration of the license key in the software effects that the customer has accepted that the product can not be returned again.

Return address:
Signproduction / Datamarked ApS, Oestre Foelledvej 16, 9400 Noerresundby, Denmark

We pack the goods securely to transport the product to you.
We reserve the right to re-use packaging to protect the environment as long as it does not affect the product's functionality or appearance.

Standard conditions:
We take reservations for misprints, out of stock items, delivery failures, and price changes as well as changes in products specifications.
All information on our website should be regarded as indicative; including pricing, inventory, specifications and illustrations.
If the ordered product is sold out eventhough it says otherwise on the website, we will inform you about this as soon as possible by telephone or mail. If you do not want to wait for the product, you have the option to cancel and get your money back.
If the unlikely event of problems with your order in the form of production failures, delays, etc. you will be contacted for further information.

Reservations and disclaimers
Are subject to any tax changes, price and proofreading errors, technical errors, sold or force majeure, including or delays in deliveries from suppliers. 
Are you in doubt?
If there arises doubts, Signproduction recommends that you contact or telephone +442033180308.