Glass Decoration Foil

Food foil, also called etched glass foil, glass decoration foil, sandblast glass foil, is often used on clear glass, which requires shielding for direct visibility. Mattering foil has an improved balance between transparency and visibility. Maternity foil is used for long-term window decorations and total covers of glass or transparent acrylic sheets. It is a rolled foil with permanent adhesive. It is easy to peel and easily releases the baking paper. We offer good quality matting foil at an attractive price. Mating foil is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. The outdoor durability is min. 5 years and an eternity indoors. The application area is usually a building glass, but it also gives a nice effect on car glasses, especially when solar film is installed. By carving motifs in one color and putting it on top of another color, a beautiful effect is obtained.
Note that matt foil, etched glass foil, glass decorative foil and sandblasted glass foil are all the same type of foil, just referred to under different synonyms.

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