Laser Engravers and CNC Routers

We help you find the exact laser engraver or CNC router that best meets your needs. Whether for hobby or large-scale production, we can deliver what you need. We offer engraving equipment at cheap prices. We prioritise high stability, high ergonomics and high durability at a low cost above all. All our engraving equipment is serviced and tested by experienced technicians prior to shipment.

Laser engravers are known for making a nice finish on equipment such as must be used for company logos and theft protection of IT equipment without cutting directly onto the equipment itself.

A CNC router allows you to mill eg. company logo, theft protection among many other things onto your IT equipment, In addition, it is only the milling cutter itself that limits what the milling cutter can be used for. Everything from wood cutting to plastic, metal and aluminum is possible.

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Laser Engraver:
With an engraving laser, you can engrave your texts or patterns on devices. It gives you a wide range of options. The versatility and reliability of laser machines is unmatched when it comes to engraving. The ease of use, the high precision and the high speed give everyone, from the hobby user to the entrepreneur, the opportunity to realize their ideas and products. You can customize engraving for wood, plastic, stone, metal and more.

CNC router:
The main feature of a Redsail CNC router is that it is small and simple in structure with a special spindle design. It can be used for various materials, such as PVC, acrylic, wood, PCB and even soft metal such as aluminum and copper.
In addition, all machines are equipped with DSP handles and USB connectivity, which will bring great convenience by reading USB memory directly into the machine. In addition, the machine can achieve performance with good resolution and less noise than on ball screw models.

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