Chemica Bling-Bling

Looking for Chemica Bling-Bling Foil? SignProduction sells quality Chemica Bling-Bling Foil from the leading and largest companies in the world!

At SignProduction we ensure that you get the best quality, at the best price possible.

Chemica Bling-Bling is made of polyester/aluminiums a material with fashionable effects for heat transfer applications suitable for acrylic, polyester, cotton and similar fibers.

We provide warranty; All our Quality Bling-Bling products mean that if a part from the package or product is damaged, our technical department will replace it for free. This is a great way to save money in the long run and a good investment. 

Please contact our customer service for more information on our Chemica Bling-Bling products.

Watch Chemica's product video: