Oralite 5700

Oracal 5700 is one of the market's best reflex films and is very useful for long-term use with excellent reflectivity, which ensures visibility even in bad weather and low visibility. The Oracal 5700 keeps the minimum gloss for 7 years outside and forever indoors. When cutting Oracal 5700 reflex film, the cutter blade's knives should be replaced more often as the Oracal 5700 reflex film contains small metal pieces that slide harder on the blades than normal discrete foils. See also our wide selection of cutters knives for cutting plotters here [cutter blade knives] .

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Product damage during shipment can be a significant expense for us and you as customers, which is why our Oralite 5700 comes in protective packaging directly to your address. Due to variations of packages from our suppliers, the product packaging that customers receive may differ from the displayed images.

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