Cutting Plotter

Cutting plotters for decoration of your facade, car, boat, motorcycle, wallstickers, etc.

The cutting plotter can cut the sign foil for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it can cut textile foil for pressing on clothes, hats, leather products, etc.

    Jaguar V 61
    £1,990 incl. vat
    Jaguar V 132
    £4,693 incl. vat
    Expert II 24 - 70cm
    £924 incl. vat
    Expert II 24 LX - 70cm
    £1,137 incl. vat
    Expert II 52 LX - 130cm
    £2,275 incl. vat
    Jaguar V 61 LX
    £2,275 incl. vat
    Jaguar V 132 LX
    £4,977 incl. vat
    Puma IV 60 Cutting plotter
    £1,564 incl. vat

    £5,688 incl. vat
      With a cutting plotter you can make your own signs easily, quickly and at a low cost. Or you can cut into textile foil and produce your own prints for T-shirts etc. Our cutters are all CE marked, quality tested and they are all very user-friendly and ready for delivery. All you have to do is install the software on your computer and then connect the cutting plotter. You are now able to produce your own signs.

      A foil separator, also known as cutting plotter, is used by professional sign companies to produce weather-resistant signs, posters, boards, etc. The different types of self-adhesive foils have a backliner which can be removed so that there is only adhesive on the foil. The foil can also be used for mounting on cars, windows, boats, motorcycles, etc. as long as the surface is lacquered and cleaned, the foil will be able to attach if you follow the installation instructions.

      The typical foil sizes are 63cm and 126cm, which means that we primarily deal in these sizes of cutters. This makes handling much easier as matching both foil and plotter measurements simplifies the process significantly.

      Generally, the hardware is identical to a traditional plotter, except that the ink pen is replaced by a very sharp plotter knife that is used to cut out different shapes. The plotter can adjust the blade pressure either manually or digitally, so designs can be cut either through the foil or only the top layer. It is usually only the top layer that has to be cut, so you are able to remove the waste and use the remaining one. It is important not to cut into the backing of the paper. You can also replace the blade holder with a pen holder. Then you can still use the chartplotter to plot, as it is just the plotter software that converts drawing information (eg from CAD / CAM and drawing programs) to contours (cutting paths) that control the blade or pen moves. Both plotter blades and plotter can easily be replaced when worn.

      The foil knife is usually shaped like a plotter pen and mounted in a rotating ball bearing, so that the blade's head rotates so it turns correctly in the direction that it should start cutting.

      The cutting plotter software can work with most recognized graphical applications in the EPS and AI file formats of earlier versions.

      Text cuts are usually only in 1 colored cut, as this is very simple, but if you would like you can also stack more colors on top of each other to increase the durability of the sign. However, it requires an extra handling.

      There are many different cutting plotter on the market and it is difficult to know which model to choose, but we would like to guide you.

      Do you have questions about our Customer Service? You can always contact us by mail. or tel. +44 2036300130. We would like to guide you on how to get started, and find a solution according to your needs. We provide free support both before and after the purchase, as it is in our interest that you get well from the start with a cutting plotter from Signproduction.