Laminators for textile printing

We guide you to find exactly the right laminator that is most suitable for your needs, whether it is for hobby or large production. We offer a wide range of Laminators at low prices. We prioritize high stability, high ergonomics, high durability at a cheap price above all. All our Laminators will be serviced and tested by experienced technicians before shipment.

It is often difficult to mount 61cm and 122cm transfer film when you are only a person to handle the roll, so we recommend our laminators for mounting transfer foil on the partition foil. As the laminators makes the work easy and reliant and consistent, you get a good result every time.

Forward or reverse scrolling takes place using a button or press pedal depending on the setup on the control panel. The machine is available for both cold and hot lamination, however, only cold lamination is necessary for mounting transfer foil on the foil.

If you have any questions about our Customer Service on Roll-Laminators, you can always contact us by mail. or tel. +44 2036300130. We would like to advise you on how to get started with a roll laminator, and find a solution according to your needs. We provide free support both before and after the purchase, as it is in our interest that you get started with a Laminator from Signproduction.