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Expert II 24 LX - 70cm

Expert II 24 LX - 70cm

Expert II series cutting plotters are equipped with a maximum of 350 gram cutting force and 27.8 ips (705mm/sec) cutting speed which can not only facilitate the completion of different cutting jobs but extend the possibilities of your business.

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With advanced functions, high accuracy and solid reliability, Expert II series cutting plotters deliver more than your expectation.


Up to 350 gram of cutting force

To satisfy a diversity of applications, GCC Expert II series cutting plotters have been upgraded in terms of their cutting ability allowing users to master every challenge.

Up to 705 mm/s of cutting speed*

Working time affects your budget as every minute counts; hence the maximum cutting speed is elevated to achieve high efficiency while the quality is assured.

*An Expert II 24 LX can cut up to 705mm/s (27.8 ips) at 45 degree direction.

Guaranteed 3 meter tracking

GCC Expert II series cutting plotters are built with the finest parts as every other GCC cutter. These models come with stable drums that can guarantee 3 meter tracking to ensure quality output and save you materials and costs.

Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System (Expert II LX models only)

GCC Expert II LX models features a standard Automatic-Aligning System(AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images.

Equipped with SignPal Apprentice streamline the workflow

SignPal Apprentice will be included in Expert II series cutting plotters. SignPal Apprentice supports the most commonly used design software that can optimize the applicabilities of different uses with a simplfied working process.



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