Oramask 831

Oramask 831 sandblasting foil is used to cover items to be blown . Even though it is a very powerful foil (PVC, 230my), it can still be cut with cutters and possibly. ordinary knife knife or scissors. The Oramask 831 foil can staple the following materials as sandblasted such as glass, plastic, wood, steel, etc.
The Oramask 831 sandblasting film has a powerful food surface that makes it resistant to most materials. In addition, the foil has a semi-permanent adhesive which makes it easy to remove without leaving any residue.
Note: The surface must be clean and dust free. All fat must be removed. Freshly painted items must have dried for 3 weeks and a test with Oramask 831 should be made before use.
Oramask 831, Sandblasting Foil
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£67 incl. vat

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