Magnetic Foil

Magnetic foil has black backing and white front cover that can be fitted with other foil or sign. Magnetic film can be mounted directly on a metal plate or the car's surface. However, it is advisable to disassemble the magnetic discs weekly to protect the car's paint. Magnet film can be obtained in 600my and 800my. Magnetfolie in 800my has a higher adhesive strength than 600my. For moving subjects, for example. car / truck / motorcycle we recommend using magnet film, which is 800my. For stationary signs, refrigerators, shelves, steel boards, etc. we recommend 600my. Thickness is on magnetic foil in 600my (0.6mm) and 800my (0.9mm) and comes in widths 61cm and 100cm. We always recommend printing instructions for using magnetic foil and providing it with the magnetic foil to ensure proper and proper use.

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User Guide - Magnetic Foil

For proper use of magnetic foil please follow the following guidelines:

• The surface on which the magnet film is applied must be clean, dry and dust free.

• Magnetic signs must be flat, ie. no "dog ears"

• Unmounted magnetic discs must be stored flat. Ie that broken, folded or folded signs reduce the shelf life considerably. If you still roll a magnetic badge, the printed side must be outward.

• Magnetic discs should not be placed on door strips and sharp edges of a car.

• Before washing the car (hand wash and in the laundry), remove the magnetic separator

• In case of summer outdoor temperatures and uninterrupted adhesion to carpets for several days, the magnetic foil may stick to the paint. To avoid this, magnetic signs should be removed from the car, for example. in the night. During the day, the magnetic sign should be removed at least once to be reset.

• For prolonged uninterrupted use of magnetic discs on newly made metal surfaces, this may cause minor damage to the paint. Once the paint has cured for at least 9 months, this problem does not occur anymore. However, it is recommended to check regularly.

• The use of magnetic discs on coated surfaces is not recommended as it may lead to minor color changes.

• Only use water to clean the magnetic discs. This should be done at least once a week, during the summer period every other day. When cleaning magnetic discs, never use solvents or agents containing solvents. We recommend that the brown magnet side on the magnet separates once a week with a PH neutral car wax.

• Should there be waves in the magnetic foil for special reasons, it is recommended that the foil be set for a min. 1 mm thick sheet metal for 24-48 hours at a temperature of 30 ° - 40 °

Customer Service Contact Information:

Product damage during shipment can be a significant expense for us and you as customers, which is why our Magnet Foil is delivered in protective packaging directly to your address. Due to variations of packages from our suppliers, the product packaging that customers receive may differ from the displayed images.

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