Heat Press - Transfer Press

Heat presses for textile printing

We will help to find exactly the heat press that best meets your textile printing needs. Whether it is for hobby or large production, we can deliver what you need. We offer a wide range of hot presses for textile printing at cheap prices. We prioritize high stability, high ergonomics, high durability at a cheap price above all. All of our heat presses are serviced and tested by experienced technicians before shipment.

The heat press is also known as transfer press, as it is the same machine used for printing transfer marks. Transfer presses - heat presses are indispensable for all in the textile industry as it gives the textiles value creation with unique pressures.

The heat press is designed to implement a design for textiles, such as t-shirts, sweaters, pants, etc. A transfer brand can be embossed with heat for a certain period of time to transfer the brand onto the fabric. In addition to textile printing, heat presses can also be used for designs for mugs, plates, puzzles and other products. In case of transfer to other fabrics than cotton, polyester and leather, sublimation ink and sublimation consumption material must be used.

Sublimation transfer is a special ink that is printed on sublimation paper, which is transferred to the subject. The subject has a special surface that is made to receive the ink of the sublimation. The transfer occurs when a gas species is formed which is transferred at high temperature for a long time.

Due to the fact that sublimation ink is a powerful ink type, you must keep the printing running on the printer, ie mine. 2 times a week, all colors must be printed. If this does not happen then the nozzles clog the ink cartridge and buy new sublimation kit. Because of this we have chosen to only sell the heat presses to sublimation use.

Heat Press Types:

There are both traditional, very cheap heat presses, which are manually controlled, as well as electromagnetic, semi-automatic and at a slightly higher price range. In addition, compressed air is also fully automated and is therefore preferably used by the professional user who has a greater production need. The typical heat press design is the clamshell shape, the press plate is pressed down on the product with a torque arm and the heat plate is slightly adaptable. In addition, there is also the swing arm principle, where the heating plate can swing right sideways and directly down onto the fabric. In addition, both versions are available with a roller plate, where the lower plate can be rolled out, so you can easily handle the printed fabric.

Heat Press Accessories:

The most important accessories for heat presses that ensure a perfect press result every time is the use of a teflon cushion under the fabric as well as teflon sheets between the printing plate and the fabric. The Teflon pad ensures a uniform pressure distribution on the entire surface and evens out stitches in the fabric or buttons, as well as giving an opposite pressure to the heat plate. A teflon sheet can be used to protects the hotplate against the transfer mark as well as making sure that the fabric does not get burned.

The way you determine if your pressure is correct is to check if you are able to see the fabric's fibers on your transfer label.

The temperature and time processing varies from the different textiles used and these correct settings should be displayed on the packaging or on our FAQ page. In addition, you should be aware of the impact of the clothing, for example, if is very thin fabric, such as polyester and nylon, so it can be more easily affected than if it is a heavy fabric like cotton.

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