Jaguar V 132 LX

Jaguar V 132 LX

Jaguar V 132 LX is suitable for larger production and professional use. Running on digital servosystems always ensures you get a great cutter result. The cutting software Signpal is included.
Jaguar V is compatible with Windows 7 and above & Mac OS X 10.6 and above.

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Jaguar V 132 LX has a cutting speed of 1,530 mm / sec. This makes this cutting plotter the world's fastest. The Jaguar V 132 LX cutting plotter runs on a high-speed digital controlled servo system, which helps to provide precise, hassle-free and, not least, fast operation. In addition to this Jaguar V 132 LX cutting plotter, you can adjust your cutting strength from 0-600 grams, with a maximum cut width of 0.8 mm. This option allows Jaguar V 132 LX to meet the demands of a wide variety of materials, ranging from fine and thin cover film to thick and hard-reflective film.

The Jaguar V 132 LX cutting plotter automatically adjusts its cutting blade. This feature allows the sledge to automatically detect when the blade is on the media. Next, align the cutting blade to the position it should have for the cut. In this way, the Jaguar IV 132 LX cutting plotter ensures that you avoid broken rounded and raised corners. The Jaguar V 132 LX has a user-friendly control panel with a 20-digit and 2-line LCD display and 14 controls, thus ensuring easy operation and easy navigation of the cutting plotter . In addition, it can be set in 9 different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Polish and Turkish.

Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System (Jaguar V LX models only)

GCC Jaguar V LX models features a standard Automatic-Aligning System(AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images.

Purchasing the Jaguar V 132 LX cutting plotter includes a cutting tool specially designed to reduce vinyl waste and give you a precise cut, so your item remains untouched. In addition to this, there is also a media management system that is fully adjustable. This can handle media on standard kernels and solves problems you may experience with media input and adjustment, thereby ensuring an optimal supply of your items.

The Jaguar V 132 LX cutting plotter has auto contour cutting. This is an infrared beam that reads where the edges are on your carvings, thus ensuring the Jaguar cutting plotter always precise cuts. This system makes it possible to take advantage of much more of your film as you can have more cuts on the same line, saving you time and, not least, money by utilizing the size of your foil to the fullest.

Stand is optional.