5 pieces. knife package, Roland - Redsail plotter knives 50º, offset 0.50mm

5 pieces. knife package, Roland - Redsail plotter knives 50º, offset 0.50mm

High quality knives used for reflection film and plain foil

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Package contains: 5 pcs. plotter knife Plotter knife fits: Stika SV-8 SV-7 SX-8 SX-12 SX-15 Camm1 CM-24 CX-24 GX-24 Roland Cammjet CJ-500 SC-500 CJ-400 Roland SolJet Pro II SC-540 SC-540 SC-545 SC-545EX Roland Versacamm SP-300 SP-540 VP-300 VP-540 Roland Pro III XC-540 ROLAND CAMM-1 Redsail RS720C, RS800C, RS1120C, RS1360C And many more The knife measures 2mm in diameter and 23mm in length and suitable for carving in reflective film and general foil. General Information from Plate Production Plate Knife and Its Use Plate production plotter knives are made of cemented carbide, which makes these extra durable. In addition to this, the knives are manufactured under the best conditions to achieve the highest quality in the market and thus a high service life with a minimum of wear. It is not possible to say how long the shelf life of a plotter has, as this depends greatly on the type of foil, cutting speed and speed. Furthermore, the blades are specially designed to be used by an electronically controlled cutting plotter for cutting in different materials. However, if your plotter knife should become blurred, it is most often due to incorrect handling of the knife. This may be due to an impact knife holder. Therefore, we recommend the following advice to increase the life of your plotter knife: • You must use the different angles for the different foils. • The knife pressure and depth must be reset after changing the knife. • The knives must always be stored in the wrapper. Never loosen. • The protective cap should be inserted after use • Do not touch the knife tip with your fingers. • Always make sure that the foil is large enough for the task, otherwise the knife will cut into the protective film on the chartplotter. • The knife pressure must be set on the chartplotter (especially when cutting reflex and flap sheets). Defining knife blade slope: