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Special Foil

Special foils from Signproduction are the most common foils that are used in the signage industry. Special signage foil is of high quality at a good price that is easy to work with. We guarantee the durability of all our special foil types, so you can use our signature foils with confidence.

We only deal with reputable brands that ensure consistent quality with respect to surface, thickness, color shine, durability and adhesiveness.

Our signs can be used externally and internally on most surfaces, for example. car, boat, motorcycle, facades, glass, windows, etc.

We provide support on all foil types, so you are always guaranteed a safe trade no matter what kind of foil you buy from us.

Do you have questions about our Customer Service? You can always contact us by mail. or tel. +44 2036300130. We would like to guide you on how to get started, and find a solution according to your needs. We provide free support both before, during and after the purchase, as it is in our interest that you get well from the start with materials from Signproduction.